Water polo

A group of enthusiastic girls, boys, men and women play water polo at AZL. They train and several teams play in the regional competition. Conviviality and fun are very important here. If you like swimming, but also want to play sports together and with a ball, then water polo is for you!

Water polo is a combination of swimming, handball and rugby, where insight, fitness, technique, sportsmanship and team spirit are important. Of course, we understand that you can’t do all this right away. On three evenings a week, you can train to develop better fitness, technique, tactical insight and team spirit. During the training sessions, the older players teach the younger ones with various tips and tricks to make them an even better player. Of course, all of this under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Training times

Monday evening: Youth: 6.45 PM – 8.45 PM, Seniors 8.45 PM – 10.00 PM (fitness, technical and tactical training, both for youth and seniors).

Thursday evening: 8.00 PM – 8.45 PM (fitness training older youth and seniors).

Friday evening: youth up to 12 years 6.15 PM – 8.00 PM (fitness, technical and tactical training), seniors and youth from 12 years (fitness training).

Water polo is not, as is often claimed, harder or heavier than other ball sports. On the contrary, water polo is characterised by the fact that players suffer few injuries. In that respect, water polo is one of the least stressful sports. In addition, fair play and sportsmanship are highly valued at AZL.

Water polo starters

To play water polo, you need at least your B-diploma. If you have just obtained your B-diploma and you don’t know whether water polo is the right choice for you, join AZL’s Water Polo Starters to find out whether you like water polo. Water polo starters also hosts mini water polo tournaments, so you can learn the ins and outs of matches.

Young and old, fun and participation

AZL tries to have active teams in all age groups of water polo competitions, for girls, boys, men and women. We also organise various activities, team-building sessions with other sports, various courses and activities in the clubhouse and the famous mixed tournament, in which grandparents, mums and dads, brothers, sisters and friends may participate, including a delicious BBQ. Of course, you will then also get access to the unique interactive AZL water polo APP!

If you are that team player who thinks water polo is an exciting challenging sport and you feel at home at AZL, come join one of our teams or support us as a volunteer.

You are most welcome!

The KNZB Water polo App

Team schedules and matches can be found in the KNZB Waterpolo App. Naturally, an overview is also available via the coaches. The KNZB Waterpolo App is a free app for Android and IOS:



To get acquainted with the water polo department, you can train free for 3 times on Monday evenings. If it turns out that you like water polo, you can register as an AZL member.


For more information, you can of course visit us during our training sessions, or send an e-mail to waterpolo@azlzwemmen.nl.