A young and enthusiastic team of qualified volunteers providing affordable swimming lessons and training at swimming club AZL.

Swimming club AZL in Leidschendam was founded in 1969. You can join us for swimming lessons for the Swim-ABC and various swimming proficiency diplomas, but also for competitive swimming and water polo. AZL holds the National Swimming Diplomas License. Come and visit our cozy clubhouse.



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About us

Swimming club AZL exists for 55 years in 2024 and is a household name for many people in Leidschendam and the surrounding area. Many thousands of children have learned to swim at AZL or have won medals in competitions and matches. Having fun in the water, enjoying sports and learning to swim safely: that is what swimming club AZL has to offer.

We offer swimming lessons, water polo, competitive swimming, snorkelling and recreational swimming. There is something for everyone from 4 to 100 years old. Many of our members come from Leidschendam, but AZL also has members from Voorburg, Voorschoten, The Hague, Leidschenveen and Wassenaar.


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