Swimming lessons at AZL

A young and enthusiastic team of qualified volunteers provides affordable swimming lessons at swimming club AZL. Safety, fun and quality are paramount. AZL holds the National Swimming Diplomas License. Get the one and only Swim-ABC from us, but also swimming proficiency diplomas!

When it comes to swimming lessons in The Netherlands, people often only think of the Swim-ABC (Zwem-ABC), or, in other words, the A, B and C diplomas. But there’s more! After the C diploma, various swimming proficiency (zwemvaardigheid) diplomas can be obtained and there are also separate snorkelling lessons for advanced students. Adults can also obtain a swimming diploma at AZL, if desired. On this page you can read general information about swimming lessons at AZL. More specific information about, for example, the Swim-ABC can be found via the menu.

Fun in the water

Every child must be able to swim well in the water-rich Netherlands. With that in mind, AZL has been offering swimming lessons for children from the age of 4 for more than 50 years. Learning to swim well, participants should have fun and not be afraid to go under.

That is why at AZL we always start with a number of water familiarisation lessons. Children become accustomed with the water through play. After about 12 lessons, they will start learning the swimming strokes and techniques.

A swimming lesson at AZL lasts 45 minutes. During swimming lessons at AZL, in addition to safety, fun and quality are paramount. We think it is more important that a child learns to swim well and is familiar with the situation than that they obtain a swimming diploma as quickly as possible. You can register via the ‘Join Us’ button above or below. 

The AZL teaching method

Swimming lessons at AZL are typically given in Dutch language, but most teachers can translate relevant instructions into English. Please ask for the possibilities.

At AZL, children learn to swim without the use of buoyancy aids. To make good progress you have to use your arms and legs. Many swimming schools structurally use boards and floats. This allows students to quickly cover great distances. Unfortunately, they also forget the swimming strokes faster and are often less familiar with the situation. Learning to swim without buoyancy aids takes a little more time, but we are convinced that this will ultimately make students more self-reliant and continue to enjoy swimming.

Group system

Almost all swimming schools work with a pass-on system: If an individual child masters all techniques and strokes of the level it is swimming in, they can move on to the next level. Practically, the child moves to another group individually. AZL is the only club in the region that works with a group system. The whole group moves on to the next level at the same time. Your child will receive weekly lessons from the same instructors. They guide the group from the first lesson to the A diploma and, where possible, even to the C diploma. The advantage is that your child has a well-known instructor. They, in turn, can tailor the course approach to your child’s needs. Because the instructor at AZL is assisted by one or more assistants, a lot of personal attention can also be given to all children in the group.

Customisation in fun

Every child is unique. What works for one child may not work for another. That is why the instructors at AZL opt for different approaches and teaching methods. Sometimes we have to be strict, but regularly there is time for a fun game assignment. We always do this with the end result in mind. If it turns out that a student gets stuck, we will look for a solution together with you. The training program for the A diploma at AZL consists of four phases. After completion of phase four, a pre-test and exam follow.

Keep on swimming

We see that students who have obtained their B or C diploma often want to obtain more diplomas. There are plenty of opportunities for this at AZL. In addition to the Swim-ABC, you can also obtain advanced swimming proficiency diplomas at AZL.


Location and lesson times

Information about the times and location of the swimming lessons can be found on the page Location and lesson times. Not a member yet? Register quickly!

The 8 principles of AZL swimming lessons

    1. AZL has the National Swimming Diplomas License.
    2. Our rates are among the lowest in the region.
    3. We work with qualified and motivated instructors.
    4. Each group has several instructors.
    5. Your child is central: all our lessons are tailor-made.
    6. We work with a proven child-friendly teaching method (More than 15,000 diplomas are proof).
    7. We do not believe in Turbo swimming courses. Learning to swim is a skill and takes time.
    8. Every complaint will be answered within 3 days. You can expect a tailor-made approach from us.