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What is AZL?

Algemene Zwemvereniging Leidschendam is a sports club founded in 1969 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce. AZL is affiliated to the Royal Dutch Swimming Association (KNZB) and holds the National Swimming Diploma License from the National Water Safety Council (NRZ).

What lessons and sports can you take at AZL?

At AZL, you can learn to swim as well as improve your swimming skills, learn to snorkel, practice competitive swimming and play water polo.

In which language are the lessons and training sessions conducted?

Typically, lessons and training are conducted in Dutch. However, most instructors and trainers have a sufficient command of the English language to guide English-speaking students. Ask about the possibilities.

Does AZL accept the Ooievaarspas?

Yes, AZL accepts the Ooievaarspas. In that way you can get up to 100% discount on membership, in line with the terms and conditions of the Ooievaarspas.

How do I get in touch with AZL?

AZL is a sports club working entirely with volunteers, many of whom have full-time jobs in addition to volunteering. Therefore, we prefer contact via e-mail. The e-mail addresses of the various departments can be found on the contact page.

What is the visiting address of AZL?

AZL’s home base is swimming pool De Fluit, located at Fluitpolderplein 1, 2262ED Leidschendam.

Does AZL also have a postal address?

Yes, mail for AZL can be addressed to: Algemene Zwemvereniging Leidschendam, Fluitpolderplein 1, 2262ED Leidschendam.

Where can I send feedback, suggestions or complaints?

At AZL, we naturally like to hear that we are doing something right. Even better, we like to hear when something could be better, so that we can continue to improve. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let us know. This can be done with the person or department concerned, but of course also via the board. You can also use our feedback form for this purpose (Currently, the form is only available in Dutch, but do not hesitate to fill in your answers in English).

In the first instance, you can report complaints to the department concerned. This can be done verbally, by e-mail or by letter. If you cannot resolve the matter together, you can then report the complaint to the board or directly to the chairman. See the contact page for contact details.

You can also leave a review at  Google Reviews.

Does AZL have a confidential counsellor?

Yes. You can reach the AZL confidential cousellor by email at If you cannot come to an agreement with AZL’s confidential counsellor, or prefer to discuss the matter with an independent professional, please contact NOC*NSF’s Centre for Safe Sport. The Centre Safe Sport’s freephone number is 0900-202 5590. This helpline with professional counsellors is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. You can also contact it by email at Anonymous reporting, or chatting outside office hours, is also possible. For instructions or for more information, visit the Centre for Safe Sport website:


How can I register as a member of AZL?

You can register yourself, or your child, as an AZL member by completing and submitting the online registration form. You can get there by clicking the “Join us!” button or via the menu. For help in signing up, you can contact the relevant department, but you can of course also report to the AZL clubhouse during association activities.

How can I submit changes?

Changes can be sent by e-mail to the relevant department or directly to the membership administration. Email addresses can be found on the contact page.

How can I terminate the membership?

Membership can be cancelled quarterly. Cancellation must in all cases be made in writing by letter or e-mail ( Notice of termination must reach the membership administration no later than one month before the end of the quarter.

How long does membership continue?

Membership is entered into for an indefinite period and can be terminated quarterly in the interim.

What are the membership fees?

You become a member of a sports club and so you pay membership fees, or contribution. The membership fee is set annually by the general members’ meeting. The current membership fees can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section.

How do I pay the contribution?

At AZL, membership fees are debited by direct debit. When registering, you fill in an authorisation for this purpose.

When is the membership fee collected?

Dues are debited at the beginning of each quarter.

Swimming lessons

How can I register me, or my child, for swimming lessons?

You can easily register via the online registration form. On it, you can indicate which day you prefer. After receiving your application, we will contact you to discuss details, such as class time and start date. AZL membership does not start until the first lesson takes place.

When are the lessons?

Swimming lessons are on Thursdays from 6:30-7:15pm, 7:15-8:00pm and for adults from 8:45-9:30pm. On Saturdays from 3:30-4:15pm, 4:15-5:00pm, 5:00-5:45pm and 5:45-6:30pm.

How long does a lesson last at AZL?

Lessons at AZL last 45 minutes.

Where are the swimming lessons held?

All swimming lessons are held at swimming pool De Fluit in Leidschendam.

Are there classes in school holidays or on public holidays?

In principle, swimming lessons continue as normal during the school holidays, except in the summer holidays. If a lesson day falls on a recognised public holiday, such as Ascension Day, there are no lessons. You will find up-to-date information on this in the swimming lessons calendar.

How much do swimming lessons cost?

AZL does not charge a separate fee for swimming lessons. You only pay the membership fee. The current membership fees can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section. However, there is a one-off charge for participating in diploma swimming.

Is there a waiting list?

For pupils starting swimming lessons for the first time, there is currently a waiting list in some class hours. Also, for them, there is always some time between registration and the first lesson. This has to do with when a new group is started. This moment differs per class hour. Lateral entrants can generally be placed quickly in an existing group.

Is there a minimum age for swimming lessons?

At AZL, children can start swimming lessons from their fourth birthday. Starting earlier does not make sense, as the child’s motor skills are not sufficiently developed at that age and, moreover, the taught skills do not stick properly.

How big are the groups?

At AZL, we work with small groups of 8 to 10 children in the Swim-ABC. Each group has a qualified instructor, who is also assisted by one or more assistants, so that there is enough personal attention for each child.

How long does it take to get diploma A?

On average, with 100% attendance at lessons, it takes about 2½ years until the A diploma is obtained.

How do AZL's swimming lessons differ from those of other providers?

At AZL, children learn to swim with fun and without buoyancy aids. This way, they become familiar with the characteristics of the water more quickly. AZL works ‘classically’: in principle, the group stays together until the A-diploma and, where possible, even until the C-diploma. Finally, there is a lot of personal attention for your child at AZL, thanks to the efforts of several motivated volunteers per group.

Is there also a crash course?

No, at AZL we do not offer a crash course. At AZL, we believe that learning to swim well simply takes time. Children who have followed a turbo swimming course also tend to forget what they have learned more quickly, which ultimately reduces their swimming safety. Of course, in special cases, it is possible to take several lessons a week.

Does AZL also offer lessons for adults?

Yes, adults can swim recreationally at AZL as well as get swimming diplomas. There is a special lesson hour for adults on Thursdays from 8:45-9:30pm. However, there is currently no possibility of lessons for adults who cannot yet swim independently due to a shortage of volunteers.

How can I view the progress?

AZL does not yet have online progress records. However, you can always speak to the instructor (after class) or the hostess, after which you can access the paper progress record. You can also view and discuss progress during the scheduled viewing days. For the dates of the viewing days, see the swimming lesson calendar.

Can I ask questions during a lesson?

During the lesson, you can only ask questions to the hostess. The instructor is busy with the lesson at that time. However, an appointment can be made to speak briefly with the instructor at the end of the lesson. During the viewing days, you will have the opportunity to follow your child’s lesson along the poolside. Then, during the last 10 minutes of the lesson, you can ask the instructor questions.

Can I see my child during the lessons?

Yes, from the AZL clubhouse, from the grandstand and from the main hall of the pool, you can basically see all groups swimming.

How often is test swimming and diploma swimming scheduled?

Three times a school year there is diploma swimming. A few weeks before diploma swimming, there is test swimming, during which there is a pre-test to see if your child will be admitted to diploma swimming.

What are the clothing requirements for the diploma swimming?

The clothing requirements can be found here.

Is there a diploma guarantee?

No, AZL does not work with a diploma guarantee. We do, of course, make every effort to teach your child to swim well as soon as possible.

Who defines the diploma requirements?

Diploma requirements are set by the National Water Safety Council (NRZ). AZL itself therefore has no influence on the requirements and testing criteria. Moreover, as a licence holder for National Swimming Diplomas, AZL is periodically tested by the NRZ. So you know that AZL meets the NRZ’s quality requirements.

My child missed a lesson; can this lesson be made up?

In certain cases, a lesson can be made up at another time and in another group, in consultation with the instructor. However, this is only possible if there is space in the other group and if the other group is about the same level of progress.

What diplomas are available at AZL?

Besides the Swim-ABC, AZL offers 12 swimming proficiency diplomas and 3 Scubadoe snorkelling diplomas. So this is 18 diplomas all together!

What does 'kijkdag' (viewing day) and 'familiezwemmen' (family swimming) mean in the annual calendar?

During the viewing day, parents may watch their child’s lesson from the edge of the pool. During the last 10 minutes of the lesson, there is an opportunity to ask questions, for example about progress.

In family swimming, parents and siblings can swim in the lesson themselves and experience how difficult some exercises are, while from the grandstand it often looks so simple. However, there is a maximum of 4 swimming family members per student and family members do need to have a swimming certificate themselves.

Scubadoe snorkelling

What is the difference between Scubadoe snorkelling and snorkelling in swimming proficiencies?

Scubadoe snorkelling is a diploma series issued by the Dutch Underwater Sports Association (NOB). Because the origins of these diplomas are in the diving industry, there is more focus on technical finesse than in the swimming proficiency diplomas. Students also work more in pairs. The Scubadoe diplomas are a valuable stepping stone to compressed air diving.

When are lessons taught for Scubadoe snorkelling?

In some cases, Scubadoe snorkelling lessons can be combined with swimming proficiency diplomas in the Thursday and Saturday groups. This depends partly on the occupancy in the respective group. On Saturdays from 5:00 – 5:45pm there is a separate group, in which lessons for the Scubadoe snorkelling diplomas are given throughout the year.

What diplomas do I need to have to take Scubadoe snorkelling lessons?

The absolute minimum is the C-diploma, but some experience of swimming proficiencies, such as snorkelling 1, is preferred. Indeed, in practice, the Scubadoe diplomas are quite ambitious for young children in terms of fitness requirements. As a result, it takes longer to obtain a diploma, which in some cases does not help motivation.

How old do I have to be to take Scubadoe lessons?

Depending on strength and fitness, children from around 10 years old can take the classes.

Do I need to have my own snorkelling gear?

At AZL, dive masks, snorkels and fins can be borrowed during lessons. Own gear may of course also be used. This also has advantages, because your own gear is familiar and it usually does not need to be readjusted every lesson. In particular, having your own mask and snorkel is often convenient. Please note the requirements these materials must meet (brochure in Dutch).

What requirements should snorkelling gear meet?

The NOB has produced a handy flyer(in Dutch) outlining the requirements for snorkelling gear.

How is diploma swimming at Scubadoe snorkelling?

Due to the special nature of these lessons, there is currently no fixed frequency for diploma swimming. Depending on when a reasonable number of children are ready for a diploma, this diploma swimming will be organised.

Competitive swimming

What diploma do you need to have to start competitive swimming?

You need at least swimming diploma B to be able to start with competitive swimming.

When are the training sessions?

There are training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Where do the training sessions take place?

Training sessions are in various swimming pools, such as De Fluit (Leidschendam), Forum Kwadraat (Voorburg) and De Schilp (Rijswijk).

Can you try without obligation?

Yes, you can come for three free trial swims by appointment.

Water polo

What diploma do you need to have to start water polo?

You need at least swimming diploma B to start water polo.

When are the training sessions?

There are training sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Where do the training sessions take place?

The training sessions take place in swimming pool De Fluit in Leidschendam.

Can you try without obligation?

Yes, you can come and train for free three times on Mondays by appointment.

Water polo starters

What is Water polo Starters?

At Water Polo Starters, you can be introduced to water polo in a playful way. You can also get the swimming proficiency diplomas in water polo. If you enjoy it, you can move on to the water polo department after Waterpolo Starters.

What diploma do you need to have to start with Water Polo Starters?

You need at least swimming diploma B to join Water Polo Starters. After you have obtained your B diploma and are still taking lessons at AZL, you can also join Waterpolo Starters for six months free of charge.

When are the training sessions?

Training sessions are on Mondays, from 6pm-6:45pm.

Where do the training sessions take place?

Training sessions take place in swimming pool De Fluit in Leidschendam.

Can you try without obligation?

Yes, you can come and train for free once by appointment.