Membership fee


AZL is a swimming club. To swim with us, you first become a member of the club. For this, you pay a membership fee. The level of the membership fee is set each year at the annual General Members’ Meeting. Holders of the Ooievaarspas can also join AZL at adjusted rates.

In 2023, the costs AZL has to pay for the rent of the swimming pool have increased sharply (an increase of as much as 14.53% per January 1st). In 2024 however, we managed to limit the increase of the contribution to a small amount. At the annual general members meeting, held on March 27th 2024, the membership fees from 1 April 2024 were set at the amounts shown below.


Membership fee from 1 April 2024

  Quarterly Monthly
Lesson swimming € 85,80 € 28,60
Water polo starters € 85,80 € 28,60
Water polo € 120,15 € 40,05
Competitive swimming € 110,55 € 36,85
Additional lesson per week € 58,20 € 19,40
Additional discipline € 58,20 € 19,40

One-off costs

Registration fee € 00,00
Fee for diploma swimming (per diploma) € 22,00

Membership fee Ooievaarspas

  Under 18 Above 18
  Quarterly Quarterly
Lesson swimming Free (1) € 42,90 (1)
Water polo starters Free (1) € 42,90 (1)
Water polo Free (2) € 60,10 (2)
Competitive swimming Free (2) € 55,30 (2)
Additional lesson per week 50% discount 50% discount
Additional discipline 50% discount 50% discount


1) On presentation of a valid Ooievaarspas, whereby the ABC swimming lessons have not yet been used

2) On presentation of a valid Ooievaarspas, where the sport of your choice has not yet been used

Membership terms

  • Membership is entered into on a quarterly basis.
  • Membership is tacitly renewed until cancelled (Please note that the membership also does not end automatically after obtaining a diploma, like for instance ‘Zwemdiploma C’).
  • Membership has to be cancelled in writing, at least one month before the end of the quarter.


  • Holders of the Ooievaarspas are responsible for having their pass scanned. If the pass is not scanned in time, the normal membership fee will be charged.
  • When an Ooievaarspas holder wants to stop swimming, membership must be cancelled.