Testing and diploma swimming

A few weeks before the exam, AZL determines which children will be registered for the diploma swim during a pre-test: the so-called ‘Aftesten’. This pre-testing takes place during lessons.

Objective testing

Children are different and do not all learn in the same way. Our pre-testing method for the exam takes this into account. An instructor who does not know the group (that well) tests all pupils on the requirements of the diploma. We do this because we believe that ‘strange eyes compel’. The results of the test are compared by the instructor with your child’s progress during swimming lessons.

In the child’s best interest

If the test results deviate significantly from performance during swimming lessons, we always consult with your own instructor. He or she knows your child best and makes an assessment whether he or she can meet all the requirements for the diploma. Of course, this takes into account any nerves. Sometimes the result is that the child is not (just) ready. For example, the distances are still too long or the stroke has not yet been mastered. In that case, the instructor will see if an extra practice lesson can make a difference.

Pre-testing for the Swim-ABC

Three times a year there is a pre-test. During the pre-test we determine whether your son or daughter meets all the requirements for the A, B or C diploma. AZL holds the National Swimming Diploma Licence and therefore meets strict quality requirements set by the Dutch National Water Safety Council (NRZ). The distances and quality requirements that the swimming strokes must meet are therefore not determined by AZL. More information can be found on the NRZ website.

Pre-testing for the swimming proficiency diplomas

After the C diploma, there are many more swimming diplomas that can be obtained at AZL, such as the swimming proficiency diplomas. The duration of training varies for each diploma. Also at the swimming proficiency diplomas, children are always pre-tested. Unlike testing at the Swim-ABC, with the swimming proficiency diplomas, this is mostly done by their own instructor.

Passing the pre-test

If your son or daughter has passed the pre-test, he or she will receive a card from the instructor. On presentation of this card in the clubhouse, you can sign up your child for the exam. To do so, you should check the form and pay the fee for the exam.

Still have questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions first. If the answer is not there, send an e-mail to leszwemmen@azlzwemmen.nl.