Swimming proficiency diplomas

If your child has obtained the diplomas of the Swim-ABC, he or she can already swim well. Then it would be nice if your son or daughter can continue to swim, because swimming is healthy and the children can improve their skills. At AZL, your child can practice in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for up to 12 advanced swimming proficiency (zwemvaardigheid) diplomas!

Periodical planning

The different types of swimming proficiency diplomas cannot all be offered at the same time. Both during lessons and during diploma swimming, we lack time to do so and then it would be at the expense of quality. That is why AZL opted for a rotation system several years ago. This involves all swimming proficiency diplomas being taught at least once a year in each group.

Still, to provide extra flexibility, lessons for the same swimming proficiency diplomas are not taught at the same time in all classes. We have therefore summarised the planning on a separate page: Periodical planning swimming proficiency diplomas. Here you can see exactly when which group practices for which diploma. Take a look via the button below.

History of the swimming proficiency diplomas

The KNZB (Royal Dutch Swimming Federation) introduced the first swimming proficiency diploma at the end of the 1930s, with the main aim of increasing the technical swimming skills of swimmers. From 1953 there were six swimming diplomas, including swimming proficiency diplomas 1 to 4. After the introduction of the National Swimming Diploma in 1984, the design of the swimming proficiency diplomas also changed and the number was reduced to 3. These general swimming proficiency diplomas were soon supplemented with a number of elective packages, such as rescue swimming, snorkelling, ball skills and nostalgic swimming strokes. There was always one diploma card for each optional package, on which three stickers could be pasted for the three levels. Around 2005, the first swimming proficiency diplomas as we know them today were introduced. Each category now has three full diplomas.

The diplomas

The series of swimming proficiency diplomas of the Dutch National Water Safety Council consists of the general swimming proficiency diploma and a number of specific diplomas. The swimming proficiency diplomas that can be obtained at AZL are listed below. You can view the diploma requirements via the menu.

  • Swimming Proficiencies (Zwemvaardigheid) 1, 2 en 3
  • Snorkelling 1, 2 en 3
  • Survival 1, 2 en 3
  • Water polo 1, 2 en 3 (only on Mondays)


Teaching method AZL

There is a swimming proficiency group at various lesson times. Participants can therefore mostly continue to swim at the same time after obtaining the C diploma. For practical reasons, the swimming proficiency group is usually divided over two (or even three) lanes, so that a good division can be made in terms of level and teaching material. As with the Swim-ABC, the children always receive lessons from the same instructors as much as possible, regardless of which swimming proficiency diploma they choose. The advantage is that your child has a well-known instructor. They, in turn, can tailor the approach to your child’s needs. Also during the lessons for the swimming proficiency diplomas at AZL, the instructor is assisted as much as possible by one or more assistants, so that a lot of personal attention can be given to all children in the group.

Customisation in fun

Every child is unique. What works for one child may not work for another. That is why the instructors at AZL opt for different approaches and teaching methods. With the swimming proficiency diplomas, we find fun even more important than during the Swim-ABC. After all, the participants can already swim well. Therefore there are regularly funny and challenging game assignments. We always do this with the end result in mind. If it turns out that a student gets stuck, we will look for a solution together with you. In the training for the swimming proficiency diplomas, the students are also pre-tested prior to the exam.

Location and lesson times

Information about the times and location of the swimming lessons can be found on the page Location and lesson times.

The 8 principles of AZL swimming lessons

  1. AZL has the National Swimming Diplomas License.
  2. Our rates are among the lowest in the region.
  3. We work with qualified and motivated instructors.
  4. Each group has several instructors.
  5. Your child is central: all our lessons are tailor-made.
  6. We work with a proven child-friendly teaching method (More than 15,000 diplomas are proof).
  7. We do not believe in Turbo swimming courses. Learning to swim is a skill and takes time.
  8. Every complaint will be answered within 3 days. You can expect a tailor-made approach from us.