ScubaDoe Snorkelling

Does your child love snorkelling? Does your son or daughter want to become a certified diver, but is too young to start diving lessons? Have they obtained all their swimming proficiency diplomas in snorkelling and can’t get enough of underwater swimming? Then the ScubaDoe snorkelling lessons at AZL may be just what you are looking for!

Snorkelling is fun

Snorkelling in itself is not difficult at all. Moreover, there are a lot of places to snorkel. For example, apart from in the swimming pool, it is often perfectly possible on holiday at the beach or in a lake. But snorkelling is more than just looking through goggles, flapping flippers and breathing through a snorkel! The ScubaDoe snorkelling lessons teach all kinds of techniques and tricks so your son or daughter can have even more fun snorkelling.

NOB ScubaDoe

The ScubaDoe youth snorkelling course of the Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond (NOB) is intended for children aged 8 to 14 (but older is also allowed as far as we are concerned…), where children learn how to snorkel in a safe way. The lessons of the snorkelling course take place in the swimming pool. Besides the snorkelling course, there is also a Scubadoe youth diving course, but this may only be taught by experienced NOB diving instructors who have undergone special training. As AZL is a swimming club and not a diving club, we do not have diving instructors and only offer the snorkelling training.

After snorkelling training, your child may snorkel in the pool or outdoor water under adult supervision. Never let your child enter the water just anywhere, always seek advice from a local diving school or association!!!


Difference with swimming proficiency diplomas

In the swimming proficiency snorkelling diploma, the emphasis is on agility exercises that the children mainly perform alone. At ScubaDoe the buddy principle is used more often: with a buddy it is safer and more fun. This is why more exercises are done in pairs, such as rescuing a drowning person. For the ScubaDoe C-diploma, the drowning person even lies on the bottom and has to be brought to the surface after a 20-metre swim under water. Pretty tough, in other words. As most mobile phones do not work under water, attention is also paid to the first principles of mutual underwater communication using hand signals. Several former students, who later obtained their diving licence at a diving school, have confirmed the practical usefulness of the NOB snorkelling diplomas; having a basic knowledge of snorkelling means that it takes less effort to perform the exercises for the diving licence properly.

The diplomas

As with the swimming proficiency diplomas, there are also three diplomas for the ScubaDoe snorkelling course, namely A, B and C. At AZL, snorkelling lessons have been given according to NOB guidelines since around 1980. With ScubaDoe, the NOB has been promoting fun in the sport in recent years. This gives clubs like AZL more scope to adapt the level of exam requirements to the students. In the event of an exam, candidates must of course meet the set exam requirements. Fun is also central at AZL, but we also believe that a diploma is more than a certificate of attendance. Therefore, at AZL, we still use as a starting point the exam requirements previously established by the NOB. Important basic techniques, which are also covered in the swimming proficiency diplomas for snorkelling, can also be found in the ScubaDoe course. The examination requirements are tough, but they provide good preparation for all kinds of situations a swimmer may encounter while snorkelling or diving.

Basic equipment

To snorkel, you need basic equipment. This consists at least of goggles, fins and a snorkel. A weighted belt is sometimes also included in basic equipment, but this is not necessary for snorkelling lessons at AZL. At AZL, we have plenty of goggles, fins and snorkels that may be used during lessons. Bringing and using your own equipment is, of course, also allowed! Should you wish to purchase your own equipment for your child, the brochure “Basic snorkelling equipment” (jn Dutch) describes what the basic equipment must comply with. Handy to read before you go to the dive shop. Preferably buy the equipment in a specialised dive shop. This reduces the chance of mis-buying and disappointment because the equipment does not fit properly, for example. The old adage ‘cheap is expensive’ unfortunately applies here all too often….

AZL Teaching method

Diploma swimming and pre-testing is slightly different for the ScubaDoe course than for the Swim-ABC. The frequency of the ScubaDoe exams is currently lower than for the Swim-ABC and the swimming proficiency diplomas, and the exam takes place at a separate time for the time being. However, there is a pre-test too, prior to the exam. During the pre-test we determine whether your son or daughter meets all the requirements for the relevant diploma. Pre-testing in snorkelling is usually done by the own teacher.

Once your son or daughter has passed the pre-test, he or she will receive an application form with which you can register him or her for the exam. To do so, you fill in the form for participation in diploma swimming.


Teaching location

AZL’s home base is swimming pool De Fluit, Fluitpolderplein 1 in Leidschendam. Swimming pool De Fluit is easy to reach (also from the surrounding municipalities, such as Voorburg, Voorschoten, Den Haag, Leidschenveen and Wassenaar) via the N14 and the Noordsingel or via public transport (tram 6 or bus 46). There are plenty of free parking spaces next to the swimming pool.

Course times

Scubadoe snorkelling lessons are currently only given on Saturdays from 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM.

Swimming lessons at AZL continue during school holidays, except for summer holidays. There are no lessons on national holidays. See our annual calendar for an overview of all lesson days.


The 8 principles of AZL swimming lessons

    1. AZL has the National Swimming Diplomas license.
    2. Our fees are among the lowest in the region.
    3. We work with qualified and motivated instructors.
    4. There are several instructors on each group.
    5. Your child is central: all our lessons are tailor-made.
    6. We work with a proven child-friendly teaching method (More than 15,000 diplomas are proof).
    7. We do not believe in Turbo Swimming courses. Learning to swim is a skill and takes time.
    8. Every complaint is answered within 3 days. You can expect tailor-made solutions from us.