Rental possibilities clubhouse AZL

The AZL clubhouse at swimming pool De Fluit in Leidschendam can also be rented by others, for parties and meetings, for example. The large windows on both the outside and the pool side make for a very bright space. Visitors can easily see what is happening in the competition pool from the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is the ideal place for a meeting or a family event. The many windows make the space very light and open. All windows have blackout curtains, so it is also possible to keep the light out. Take a peek at our clubhouse via the virtual 360-degree tour (Google Streetview view) at the bottom of this page! 


The AZL clubhouse has the following amenities and facilities:


  • Presentation screen and projector (standard with HDMI connection; VGA connection on request);
  • Seating for 34 people (expandable to 40 people);
  • Music system (with options to play radio and music files);
  • Flat-screen TV (including HDMI and USB connection);
  • Various sockets for use of laptops and/or tablets;
  • Flipchart on stand;
  • Fully blackout curtains;
  • Free WiFi connection;
  • Wireless microphone.


For meetings, training sessions and party nights, we additionally offer:

  • Fully automatic espresso machine;
  • Two refrigerators with water, soft drinks and juices;
  • Two refrigerators with beer, speciality beer and wine;
  • Toaster, microwave oven and grill;
  • Ambient lighting above the bar;
  • Bar tables with table skirts.

Rent the clubhouse

The clubhouse can be rented for a day (or part thereof) from 2 hours at attractive all-in rates. Are you interested in renting the clubhouse for a meeting, training or party? Please contact the clubhouse manager via

Virtual tour – 360°

This 360° photo was taken next to the bar. For an impression from the centre of the room, also check out the other 360° photo on the clubhouse page.